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Boosting Efficiency with Levered 60/40

When most people think about leverage, they think about it through the lens of added risk. While that’s one view, we think leverage can be a powerful tool for boosting the efficiency of portfolios, even during potentially volatile markets.

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Rebalancing EM Small Caps during Volatile Markets

With emerging markets (EM) selling off, we believe EM investors should take a step back and reassess their portfolios. Ben Tan explains why for investors with a longer-term view, the recent underperformance in the market can represent a buying opportunity.

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Examining the Opportunity in China

Chinese equities currently only account for approximately 3% of global equity benchmarks, despite their companies making up a larger portion of global equity market capitalization. By including a significant portion of A-shares in our emerging market strategies, WisdomTree continues to remain ahead of the opportunity in China.

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Global Dividend Stream: Where We Saw Growth in 2018
Each year, we monitor the global Dividend Stream® for growth, so that we can refresh the weights of the underlying constituent companies in various WisdomTree Indexes. Tripp Zimmerman and Ben Tan examine the areas where we saw growth this year.
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