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ETFs: Benefits of Exchange Listing

I have been talking to ETF investors for more than a decade, and when I mention the numerous benefits of the structure, I often hear “I don’t need intraday liquidity, so that does not benefit me.” Well, I am here to tell you that whether or not you utilize intraday liquidity, it benefits all ETF investors.

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Why This ETF Trade Should Be Celebrated

The ETF structure is one of transparency and equality. The trade on September 28, 2016, when more than $139 million of an approximate $157 million Fund was sold in one execution is a perfect example of how investors are protected in the structure and how there is more to an ETF than its AUM and ADV. 

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Become a Smarter ETF User: Look through the Wrapper

Many investors judge ETFs for investment candidacy based just on their on-screen characteristics of assets under management, average daily volume and bid/ask spread. By doing that, they may be ignoring the majority of ETFs out there and potentially missing out on some helpful investment tools.

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Transparency Interrupted: An ETF Reflection on August 24

The markets experienced something new and remarkable on Monday, August 24, 2015. The marketplace didn’t know how to react, but within the hour it learned, recovered and returned to orderly markets. ETFs are not to blame, nor are they immune to volatile events in the broader marketplace. 

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The ETF Trader Interview Series: Aaron Kehoe, Cantor Fitzgerald
In this edition, Anita Rausch, Director of Capital Markets, speaks with Aaron Kehoe, Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income ETF trading at Cantor Fitzgerald. Aaron joined Cantor in September 2013 and focuses primarily on managing and trading the firm’s book of fixed income ETFs. In addition, Aaron was instrumental in the product launches of many new fixed income ETFs and all senior loan ETFs.
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The ETF Trader Interview Series: Kathryn Sweeney, Goldman Sachs
In this edition, Anita Rausch, Director of Capital Markets, speaks with Kathryn Sweeney, the Global ETF Product Manager and Head of U.S. ETF Trading for Goldman Sachs.
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