Small-Cap Dividends and Quality Adding Value

by / Dividends, Quality Dividend Growth, Small Caps on August 26, 2016

There are numerous dividend-focused ETFs and active managers. But how many small-cap dividend strategies for the U.S. market can you find? Very few, but WisdomTree has two unique strategies, both of which are creating value-added approaches over traditional small-cap benchmarks. 

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/ Abenomics, Japan on August 25, 2016

Team Abe Challenges—Incomes UP, Savings UP, but Investment DOWN

Japan’s GDP report confirmed the de facto zero-growth status of the overall economy since the start of the new fiscal year (April 1). At the same time, the details of the report highlight several forces now in play that should affect forward-looking financial markets and policy makers.  

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/ ETF Education, ETF Liquidity, ETF Trading on August 24, 2016

August 24 Revisited: What Has Changed?

As we mark the one-year anniversary of August 24, investors may be asking what has been done since that volatile and chaotic day and if it could happen again. 

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/ Currency, Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative, U.S. Treasuries on August 24, 2016

Money Market Reform: The Shot Clock Is Ticking

On October 14, 2016, money market reform here in the U.S. is slated to be implemented. And the potential repercussions are already being witnessed, as investors do not seem to want to wait until implementation day to begin making adjustments to their money market portfolios.

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and / Equity, Europe, Germany Hedged Equity on August 23, 2016

Is Germany Pulling Away from Europe?

In a year of so many negative headlines emanating from Europe, it may come as a surprise to some that eurozone stocks, denominated in euros, are virtually unchanged for the year. With investors bracing for a potential recession in France and Italy, equity markets of individual European countries are starting to see some meaningful differentiation. One of those markets is Germany.

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