ABOUT WisdomTree


WisdomTree launched its first Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in June of 2006, and is currently one of the largest Exchange Traded Product (ETP) sponsor in the U.S. WisdomTree offers ETPs covering domestic, international and global equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities and alternative strategies. WisdomTree pioneered the concept of fundamentally weighted ETFs and active ETFs and is currently an industry leader in both categories (as measured by assets under management). WisdomTree is the only publicly traded asset manager exclusively focused on the ETP industry.

WisdomTree is listed on the NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker: WETF.

At WisdomTree we do things differently. Our ETFs are built with proprietary methodologies, smart structures or uncommon access to provide investors with the potential for income, performance, diversification and more. 
Each of our ETFs is exclusive to WisdomTree and each is designed to redefine how an investment is built or how a country or asset class is accessed.
Each ETF is uniquely structured to offer the potential for performance, risk management— or both.
We combine what we believe are the best elements of active and passive investing to provide low-cost1, risk-managed investments.
1 Ordinary brokerage commissions apply.

Stock prices can—and do—deviate from their underlying value for many reasons. WisdomTree believes fundamentals such as dividends or earnings offer more objective measures of a company’s health, value and profitability than stock price alone. The majority of ETFs are market cap weighted—meaning they give more weight to companies selling at higher prices than those offering stronger fundamentals. WisdomTree uses proprietary weighting methodologies designed to help magnify the effect fundamentals—such as dividends or earnings—have on risk and return characteristics.

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International investing provides many exciting opportunities to investors. But these opportunities can come with additional risks—one of which is currency fluctuations. WisdomTree's Hedged Equity family of Funds enables investors to access the growth potential of numerous markets around the world while mitigating the risks of currency exposure.

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WisdomTree believes that investors should consider the benefits of diversifying their cash holdings on a global basis. Diversifying currency holdings offers investors the potential to earn higher yields while lowering the risk inherent to holding assets in only one currency.

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How diversified are your fixed income holdings? If you're only holding U.S. fixed income instruments, such as bonds, the answer may be, not enough. Through the dynamic combination of foreign interest rates and local currencies, WisdomTree's international fixed income ETFs offer investors income potential, diversification potential—and much more. In fact, they may enable you to obtain more complete asset allocation.

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WisdomTree asset allocation funds provide investors with one trade access to a diversified portfolio of equities and bonds. By gaining exposure via an ETF, investors can use these strategies as a core holding or as a complement to other diversifying assets. In addition to having no investment minimums, our asset allocation ETFs provide low fees, full transparency and daily liquidity*.

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WisdomTree believes alternative investments provide a smart way to achieve diversification and performance potential in almost any market. However, these types of strategies have traditionally only been available to institutional investors. Through WisdomTree, these sophisticated strategies are available to all investors—in the desirable ETF structure.

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