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WisdomTree 10 Year Anniversaries: Earnings and Dividends

WisdomTree Earnings ETFs


Our core domestic family of earnings exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) has outperformed the majority of peers in their respective MorningStar Category over the long term. How did they do it? Simple. They’re built differently, so they perform differently.


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A Decade of Earnings


In the video, WisdomTree Chief Investment Strategist, Luciano Siracusano, explores the benefits of weighting by earnings and the impressive long-term track record of our earnings-weighted ETFs.


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WisdomTree’s Earnings-Weighted Indexes Turn 10: How Did We Do?


In February, WisdomTree’s core earnings-weighted Indexes hit their 10-year anniversary. How did we do? WisdomTree's smart beta Indexes beat beta. In each and every case, WisdomTree’s core earnings-weighted Indexes beat their comparable cap-weighted peers over the past decade.


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How We Tap into Three Key Smart Beta Factors with EZM and EES


How can an index fund, an ETF, beat the vast majority of active and passive competitors in its category? Aren’t index funds supposed to be average? If it’s a WisdomTree ETF tracking a WisdomTree Index, it’s not uncommon to see above-average results.


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Which Smart Beta Strategies Worked in 2016?


In 2016, billions of dollars flowed into so-called smart beta ETFs—funds that select stocks based on their exposure to individual factors such as low volatility, momentum or quality. So, how did these smart beta factors do relative to the S&P 500 Index?


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Additional Resources for Financial Professionals


Most investors agree as to the importance of lengthy track records. But this importance is amplified even further when considering smart beta strategies that attempt to provide alpha relative to traditional market cap-weighted benchmarks.

Explore the Core of Your Portfolio with Smart Beta MidCap and SmallCap ETF

WisdomTree Dividend ETFs


WisdomTree’s suite of dividend ETFs can help deliver income and results. See performance data for the dividend ETFs celebrating their 10th anniversary.


View Average Total Returns for U.S. Dividend Equity ETFs

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A Decade of Dividends


WisdomTree is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the launch of its first dividend ETFs. Why was this important and is still important today? NYSE interviews Luciano Siracusano, WisdomTree EVP and Chief Investment Strategist.


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10 Years Strong: An Inside Look at WisdomTree’s Dividend-Weighted Indexes


In our latest snapshot Luciano discusses how WisdomTree’s dividend-weighted Indexes helped investors avoid overvalued stocks (a common flaw in cap-weighted benchmarks) while reducing volatility and increasing yield.


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A Decade of Outperformance: Inside WisdomTree’s Approach to Quality Dividend-Weighted Strategies


In this video Luciano talks about our approach to dividends and how several WisdomTree strategies outperformed traditional beta benchmarks over the past 10 years.


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WisdomTree’s International Dividend-Weighted Indexes: 10 Years of Excellence


When these Funds launched in June 2006, they gave ETF investors a way to invest by size segments in developed markets, similar to what many have been doing in the U.S. But these strategies were different. In this blog Luciano explains how they performed over the last decade.


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WisdomTree’s 10-Year Anniversary: How Did We Do?


The 2006 launch was based on WisdomTree’s original vision that weighting equity markets by income, rather than by market capitalization, would represent a

significant evolution in indexing. In this blog Luciano analyzes the 10-year track record of the underlying indexes.


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Additional Resources for Financial Professionals


RIA Database Podcast


This unique, data rich 10-year retrospective covers:
  • Dividends: Quality, Predictability & Weighting Methodology
  • Comparative Indices, Dividend Growth & Portfolio Construction
  • 10 Years in Retrospective & Where Do We Go from Here?
Listen to the Podcast