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  • Sinking Currencies Will Spur Japanese, European Stocks  video-icon

    Japanese and European stocks are currently substantially less expensive than U.S. shares and could benefit from weakening currencies, said Jeremy Schwartz, Director of Research at WisdomTree. Schwartz added that dividend growth has been robust in the U.S. in the past 3 years, yet he anticipates normal, high single digit returns from 'fairly valued' U.S. stocks. He said European companies, especially exporters, are benefiting from the declining Euro, and he believes further action from the European Central Bank to spur growth. Finally, Schwartz said Japanese stocks will likely benefit from pension fund buying as well as the declining yen.

    Length: 3:51 | Watch arrow

  • Jeremy Schwartz

  • 3/4/2015

  • Global Small Caps

    If you're not investing in small caps on a global basis, you may be missing out on more than just performance potential. Discover more about the possible advantages small caps can offer your portfolio in our latest podcast.

    Length: 10:51 | Listen arrow

  • Jeremy Schwartz
    Christopher Gannatti

  • 9/2/2014

  • Why Invest in ETFs?  video-icon

    WisdomTree Chief Investment Strategist Luciano Siracusano makes the case for exchange-traded funds (ETFs), explains how they work and why they could be appealing to investors.

    Length: 2:51 | Watch arrow

  • Luciano Siracusano

  • 10/10/2013