WisdomTree Bloomberg U.S. Dollar Bullish Fund

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The WisdomTree Bloomberg U.S. Dollar Bullish Fund seeks to provide total returns, before expenses, that exceed the performance of the Bloomberg Dollar Total Return Index.

Although this Fund invests in very short-term, investment grade instruments, the Fund is not a "money market" Fund and it is not the objective of the Fund to maintain a constant share price.

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Fund Overview

  • As of 03/27/2015
Expense Ratio 0.50%
CUSIP 97717W471
Total Assets (000) $337,575.32
Shares Outstanding 11,900,000
Weighted Average Coupon 0.01
Average Days to Maturity –
Money Market Instruments
Average Days to Maturity –
Currency Contracts
Effective Duration 0.00
Average Yield to Maturity 0.00%
Distribution Yield 1.50 %
Embedded Income Yield -0.52 %
SEC 30–day Yield -0.49 %
Options Available* No
Inception Date 12/18/2013
Trading Information
IOPV SymbolN/A
Shares Out. SymbolUSDU.SO
Est. Cash SymbolUSDU.EU
Total Cash SymbolUSDU.TC
Accum. Div SymbolUSDU.DV
Ex-Date Div SymbolUSDU.DP
  • Yields are historical, will fluctuate and are not guaranteed.
  • *Options are not suitable for all investors.

Net Asset Value

As of 03/27/2015
  • As of 3/27/2015
  • Quotes Delayed ~ 15 mins
Net Asset Value
NAV $28.37
Change $0.04
Change % 0.13%
Price $28.36
Change ($0.00)
Change % 0.00%
Trading Volume 33396

Total Returns

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Month End Performance
NAV Returns Market Price Returns
1 Month 0.36% 0.36%
3 Month 5.60% 5.39%
Since Inception* 12.95% 12.98%
Average Annual
1 Year 13.68% 13.66%
3 Year N/A N/A
5 Year N/A N/A
Since Inception* 10.68% 10.71%
Quarter End Performance
NAV Returns Market Price Returns
Since Inception* 9.23% 9.43%
Average Annual
1 Year 9.41% 9.56%
3 Year N/A N/A
5 Year N/A N/A
Since Inception* 8.88% 9.06%

After Tax Returns

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Month End Performance
After Tax Held After Tax Sold
1 Month 0.36% 0.20%
3 Month 5.09% 3.36%
Since Inception* 12.41% 9.73%
Average Annual
1 Year 13.13% 7.95%
3 Year N/A N/A
5 Year N/A N/A
Since Inception* 10.24% 8.04%
Quarter End Performance
After Tax Held After Tax Sold
Since Inception* 8.71% 6.92%
Average Annual
1 Year 8.88% 5.54%
3 Year N/A N/A
5 Year N/A N/A
Since Inception* 8.37% 6.65%
  • *Fund Inception Date 12/18/2013.
  • Performance is historical and does not guarantee future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than quoted. Investment returns and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Performance data for the most recent month-end is available above.
  • WisdomTree shares are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the Fund. Total Returns are calculated using the daily 4:00pm net asset value (NAV). Market price returns reflect the midpoint of the bid/ask spread as of the close of trading on the exchange where Fund shares are listed. Market price returns do not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times.
  • After-Tax Held Returns represent return on Fund shares after taxes on distributions and assumes Fund shares have not been sold. After-Tax Sold Returns represent returns on Fund shares after taxes on distributions and the sale of the Fund shares.
  • After-tax returns are calculated using the historical highest individual federal marginal income tax rates and do not reflect the impact of state and local taxes. Actual after-tax returns depend on the investor's individual tax rates and may differ from those shown.
  • In some cases the return after taxes may exceed the return before taxes due to an assumed tax benefit from any losses on a sale of fund shares at the end of the measurement period.


  • As of 03/27/2015
Name Weight
1. AA 100.00%
  • *Subject to change without notice.

Asset Classification

  • As of 03/27/2015
Asset Group Weight
1. Short Term 100.00%

Country Allocation

  • As of 03/27/2015
Country Currency Region Weight
1. Eurozone EUR Europe, Middle East & Africa 31.20%
2. Japan JPY Asia 19.09%
3. Canada CAD Canada 11.62%
4. Mexico MXN Latin America 9.75%
5. United Kingdom GBP Europe, Middle East & Africa 9.30%
6. Australia AUD Asia 6.18%
7. Switzerland CHF Europe, Middle East & Africa 4.36%
8. South Korea KRW Asia 3.44%
9. China CNH Asia 3.09%
10. Brazil BRL Latin America 1.97%
  • Asia: 31.80%
  • Canada: 11.62%
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa: 44.85%
  • Latin America: 11.73%

Top Holdings

  • As of 03/27/2015
View All Holdings  > *Holdings are subject to change without notice.

Recent Distributions

Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Payable Date Ordinary Income Short Term Capital Gains Long Term Capital Gains Return of Capital Total Distribution
12/19/2014 12/23/2014 12/26/2014 $0.00000 $0.14855 $0.27828 $0.00000 $0.42683
12/24/2013 12/27/2013 12/31/2013 $0.00000 $0.00000 $0.00000 $0.00000 $0.00000