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While the majority of ETFs are market cap-weighted — meaning they give more weight to companies selling at higher prices than those offering stronger fundamentals - WisdomTree has developed a proprietary index methodology designed to magnify the effect fundamentals have on risk and return characteristics.

The WisdomTree Dividend Indexes typically weight each stock eligible for inclusion by its share of the Dividend Stream®, defined as the sum of regular cash dividends paid by all the companies in the respective Index.


This ETF is designed to track the

WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income Index,

which measures the performance of the high-yielding subset of the dividend paying segment of 18 emerging-markets nations. Eligible companies are ranked by dividend yield; companies ranked in the top 30% are included.

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10 Largest Companies in WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income Index

Ranked by Cash Dividends, as of May 31, 2012*
Rank in Index Company Name Dividend per Share Shares Outstanding (Billions) Dividend Amount (Billions of USD) Percent of Total Dividend Stream
1 China Construction Bank-H $0.03 240.42 $8.01 8.77%
2 Gazprom OAO-Spon ADR $0.54 11.84 $6.34 6.94%
3 Vale S.A. $0.91 3.26 $2.97 3.25%
4 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China-H $0.03 86.79 $2.51 2.74%
5 Banco do Brasil S.A. $0.83 2.87 $2.37 2.59%
6 Bank of China Ltd-H $0.02 83.62 $1.92 2.10%
7 Lukoil OAO-Spon ADR $2.24 0.85 $1.91 2.09%
8 Kumba Iron Ore Ltd $5.16 0.32 $1.65 1.81%
9 MTN Group Ltd $0.87 1.88 $1.65 1.80%
10 Malayan Banking Berhad $0.21 7.64 $1.62 1.77%
Top 10 Companies, Total Contributions $30.93 33.86%
WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income Index: Total Dividend Stream $91.37 100.00%

Sources: WisdomTree, Bloomberg, S&P
Holdings subject to change.
Dividend Stream=Cash Dividends per Share x Shares Outstanding
Percent of Dividend Stream=Company Dividend Stream/Total Stream of All Companies

* The annual screening date for the WisdomTree International Dividend Equity Indexes is at the end of May.

The maximum weight of any one sector and any one country in the Index, at the time of the Index’s annual rebalance, is capped at 25%.  In response to market conditions, sector and country weights may fluctuate above 25% between annual Index rebalance dates.