Jeremy Schwartz / Equity, Japan on 28 Apr 2016

The Disconnect between Prices and Profit Growth in Japan

Despite the volatility and downdraft experienced over the last nine months, we believe Japan represents one of the best opportunities among global equity markets over the coming three to five years. 

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Jesper Koll / Abenomics, Japan, Market News on 20 Apr 2016

Is Japan’s Negative Rates Policy a Failure?

Taken at face value, one can understand the criticism of Japan’s experiment with a negative interest rate policy (NIRP). If judged by currency impact, Japan’s NIRP has failed so far—the yen is up, not down. But let us make a counterargument to support Bank of Japan (BOJ) governor Haruhiko Kuroda’s claim that all is on track.

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Jesper Koll / Abenomics, Japan, Market News on 12 Apr 2016

The Rising Yen—A View from Tokyo

Last Thursday, the yen surged to an intraday high of ¥107.67, a level that effectively erases all of the yen’s depreciation since “Kuroda’s Halloween surprise” in late October 2014.

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Christopher Gannatti / Abenomics, Dynamic Currency Hedging, Japan on 01 Apr 2016

How Abenomics Affects the Revenue Generation of Japan’s Companies

Throughout January, global equity markets experienced significant volatility, often accompanied by concerns of global growth prospects, especially surrounding anything related to China and emerging markets. We find that understanding where the revenue of holdings comes from can be a highly complementary approach when evaluating potential investments. This is particularly prudent in Japan.

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Jeremy Schwartz / Japan, Quality Dividend Growth on 08 Mar 2016

The Case for Quality Stocks in Japan

WisdomTree believes Japan could represent one of the best equity markets over the coming years. The Bank of Japan introduced new stimulus tools in January 2016, and we expect it to continue to add to this easing over the coming months and years.

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