Jeremy Schwartz / Currency Hedged Equity, Equity, Japan on 11 Sep 2014

Diversifying With the Yen? Not If Japanese Equities Are Involved

The discussion of currency-hedged strategies has shaken some of the core beliefs of investors. Traditional investment vehicles that package equity risk plus a secondary currency risk on top of the equity risk have been referred to as the traditional “plain vanilla” exposure because they were the first to the market, and it is what investors have been using for so long.

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Christopher Gannatti / Equity, Japan on 21 Aug 2014

Inspiring Economic Dynamism within Japan

WisdomTree has been excited about Abenomics since its genesis in November of 2012. We believe that markets have responded well to the progress made on the first two arrows—namely decisive monetary policy and increases in fiscal spending.

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Bradley Krom / Fixed Income, Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative, Japan on 22 Jul 2014

Cause and Effect: Bank of Japan Becomes Government’s Largest Lender

Although central banks often use their holdings of government debt to affect monetary policy, the meteoric rise in the expansion of the BOJ’s balance sheet is unprecedented. With the BOJ continuing to signal its willingness to aggressively stimulate the economy, we highlight here what we believe are the most significant implications of these policies.

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Jeremy Schwartz / Equity, International Rebalance, Japan on 16 Jul 2014

Dissecting the Japan Hedged Equity Rebalance

We think it is important to be mindful of how an annual rebalance back to an underlying fundamental such as dividends can help manage valuation risks. With market capitalization-weighted indexes, when constituents increase in price compared to other stocks, they gain greater weight and increase their impact on the performance of the index.

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Jeremy Schwartz / Currency Hedged Equity, Equity, Europe, Japan on 15 Jul 2014

Is the Euro the New Yen?

Currency-hedged equity strategies broke onto the exchange-traded fund (ETF) investment scene in late 2012 following significant weakening of the yen, which led to a wide disparity in performance between unhedged and currency-hedged Japanese ETFs.

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