Bradley Krom / Currency, Europe, Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative, Japan on 02 Mar 2015

What’s Really Driving the Value of the Euro and Yen?

With a majority of developed markets rallying strongly over the last several years, we think the single biggest determinant for investors actually being able to capture those returns has hinged on their ability to manage currency risk.

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Tripp Zimmerman / Equity, Japan on 23 Feb 2015

Japan Quarterly Earnings: Weaker Yen Helps Exporters

Japanese stocks have continued to perform well as a result of “Abenomics” policies, which are all aimed at one thing: promoting economic growth in Japan.

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Jeremy Schwartz / Currency Hedged Equity, Europe, Japan on 15 Jan 2015

Is the Euro the New Yen? Increasingly So.

There is recent evidence that Europe is becoming more Japan-like in displaying negative correlations between its equity markets and its currency moves. This negative correlation in Europe is not a new phenomenon:

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Jeremy Schwartz / Equity, Japan on 24 Nov 2014

Japan Dips into Recession as “Japan, Inc.” Profits Set New Highs

When investors buy Japanese equities, they don’t really buy a slice of that economy; they buy shares in corporations that operate both in Japan and around the world. “Japan, Inc.” (i.e., Japanese corporations) is showing a profit picture that differs dramatically from the country’s economic growth rate.

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Jeremy Schwartz / Abenomics, Equity, Japan on 20 Nov 2014

Flows Potential: Fund Managers Remain Under-Weight Japan

The recent bout of aggressive monetary policy easing by the Bank of Japan (BOJ), combined with the direct purchases of equities by the Japanese Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), has brought on a new period of positive sentiment toward Japanese equities.

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