Christopher Gannatti / Abenomics, Equity, Japan, Japan Society Series on 24 Apr 2015

The Rising (Sun) Economy – What’s Next for Japan?

Recently, we attended a panel discussion at the Japan Society entitled “The Sun Also Rises?: Japan’s Potential in the Post-Crisis Global Economy.” The discussion was compelling and offered some of the most bullish and optimistic arguments we have heard in favor of looking at Japan today.

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Jeremy Schwartz / Currency Hedged Equity, Dividend Growth, Equity, Japan on 09 Apr 2015

Capturing Quality and Dividend Growth In Japan

Japanese equities have been among the best performing global markets since late 2012.1 The depreciation of the yen and the rise in equity prices have been widely noted. But looking under the hood, we’ve noticed another important change occurring in Japan.

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Bradley Krom / Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative, Japan on 27 Mar 2015

Japanese 10-Year Rates Double in 2015, Rise Above German Bunds

Since reaching historic lows in mid-January, Japanese government bond (JGB)yields have doubled over the last several weeks. In the process, they have eclipsed German 10-year bund yields for the first time in over 20 years.

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Bradley Krom / Currency, Europe, Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative, Japan on 02 Mar 2015

What’s Really Driving the Value of the Euro and Yen?

With a majority of developed markets rallying strongly over the last several years, we think the single biggest determinant for investors actually being able to capture those returns has hinged on their ability to manage currency risk.

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Tripp Zimmerman / Equity, Japan on 23 Feb 2015

Japan Quarterly Earnings: Weaker Yen Helps Exporters

Japanese stocks have continued to perform well as a result of “Abenomics” policies, which are all aimed at one thing: promoting economic growth in Japan.

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