WisdomTreeETFs / Currency Hedged Equity, ETF Education on 10 Apr 2015

It’s a Misconception that Currency Hedging Is Necessarily Expensive

One of the most common myths about hedging foreign currencies is that it’s expensive. Misnomers persist about the cost associated with the financial contracts that are used to hedge foreign exchange exposures. While there may be a desire to hedge, some investors mistakenly believe the cost involved always puts them at a disadvantage.

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Michael Barrer / ETF Education, ETF Trading, U.S. Dollar on 24 Mar 2015

It’s OK to “Sell Out”

This blog post is relevant to institutional investors interested in trading exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in significant volume. Individual investors do [&hellip

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Michael Barrer / Currency, ETF Education, ETF Trading on 06 Jan 2015

The Risks of Not Using a Liquidity Provider – A Case Study

What if I told you that a large $500 million order and a smaller $1.2 million order traded in the same ETF, but one executed around the bid/ask spread and the other drove up the ETF price 84 cents, or almost 5%. Could you guess which trade was responsible for each outcome? The answer may surprise you.

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David Abner / ETF Education, ETF Trading Series on 13 Nov 2014

The ETF Trader Interview Series: Ken Dolan, Jefferies & Company

In this edition, Dave Abner, Head of Capital Markets, speaks with Ken Dolan, Senior Vice President on the ETF trading desk at Jefferies & Company, Inc. He joined the desk in 2011 after spending nine years at LaBranche & Co. as a Managing Director and Head of ETF Trading.

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Anita Rausch / ETF Education, ETF Trading Series on 06 Nov 2014

The ETF Trader Interview Series: Aaron Kehoe, Cantor Fitzgerald

In this edition, Anita Rausch, Director of Capital Markets, speaks with Aaron Kehoe, Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income ETF trading at Cantor Fitzgerald. Aaron joined Cantor in September 2013 and focuses primarily on managing and trading the firm’s book of fixed income ETFs. In addition, Aaron was instrumental in the product launches of many new fixed income ETFs and all senior loan ETFs.

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