Rick Harper / Fixed Income on 20 Aug 2014

A Peek at Yellen’s Labor Market Dashboard Highlights Fed Concerns

As the market continues to digest stronger U.S. economic data, investors continue to grapple with the timing and prospect of

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Rick Harper / Fixed Income, Interest Rate Strategies on 19 Aug 2014

Hedge Your Bets! Term Premium in U.S. Fixed Income Markets May Be Poised to Rise

With stronger-than-forecast economic data and continued improvement in U.S. employment numbers, we believe that now may be the time to

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Rick Harper / Fixed Income on 05 Aug 2014

Unlocking Value in Credit: Developed Market vs. Emerging Market Financials

Simple logic can sometimes steer investors toward invaluable themes. As a fixed income investor, it may be attractive to invest

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Rick Harper / Currency, Fixed Income, Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative, Interest Rate Strategies on 23 Jul 2014

Long Commodities, Short Contango via Commodity Currencies

On the back of a resurgence in Chinese economic data and rising geopolitical risk in Eastern Europe and the Middle

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Rick Harper / Emerging Markets, Equity on 30 Jun 2014

The Emerging Markets 50/50: Yields & Volatility

The emerging markets (EM) represent great valuation opportunities and some of the highest income levels, but they also represent significant

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